Forced Perspective – Theory and practice


by Davide Mantovani, Marco Porcaro, Simone Villa

The Forced Perspective is a technique that uses optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is in reality: human perception is manipulated and deceived by the use of distances and scale ratios. It is mainly used in photography, film and architecture.

To make an actor look like a Hobbit of normal height, there are several options: you could use stunt doubles very low or very high, or computer graphics and sound stages. The last option, perhaps the one that gives the scene a more realistic look, is the Forced Perspective.

The Lord of The Rings Forced Perspective

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Forced Perspective Demo – Giant Walk


How to make a men taller? Forced perspective is the answer. Learn how to make a Super-Uber Giant! (with english subtitles)

Forced Perspective Demo “The Lord of The Rings” inspired – the making of


We recreated the forced perspective effect seen in The Lord of The Rings. The character on the right had to be 1/4 smaller than the one on the left. (with english subtitles)