A Game of Thrones Intro Inspired Graduation Project


For our master graduation project we produced a Game Of Thrones Intro inspired video as a tribute to Italy and to all GoT fans.
With the use of computer graphics and 3D modeling softwares, we recreated 6 of the most famous and loved italian cities.

The aim of our thesis is to analyze the impact of new technologies and social media on the diffusion of tv series-related contents produced by fans.


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INTERVIEW WITH FEDERICO GALVANI – Motion Design, Stop Motion, Visual Art and a lot more…


ENG (Leggi in Italiano)

INTERVIEW WITH FEDERICO GALVANI – Motion Design, Stop Motion, Visual Art and a lot more!!!


Federico Galvani teaches motion design at the University IUAV of Venice and he is a founder of the multidisciplinary laboratory “Happycentro” where he works on art direction, graphic design, visual identity, illustration, modeling in clay and paper, printing, and directed animation. This studio works for famous brands or small startup and uses several methods of communication: Stop Motion Animation, TV / web commercials, Packaging, Visual Art, Typography, Graphic Design and Music Videos.

The main technique that reflects the style and the way of working of “Happycentro” is the stop motion because it is the synthesis of what we have always done, build objects, puppets and backdrops of various materials, combining illustration and graphic design and set up the set and lights for the photo shoots.

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HOW TO – Homemade Facial Motion Capture

How To - Homemade Facial MoCap

In this video we are going to show how to create basic home made facial MoCap videos with 3 different softwares/methods, which are:

  • Microsoft KINECT (through FACESHIFT)


A brief introduction to the basic steps, an overview of the result that you can achieve and an analysis of the difference between these softwares.

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Photorealistic Hairy Creatures and Characters – Character Development Pipeline


123In this how to we are going to analyze the pipeline of a character creation. Starting from the concept we will show the main steps to achieve a simple 3D animation, passing through modeling, texturing and rigging. In this particular case we didn’t build a concept from scratch, since we were inspired by bam bam, a funny character from the flinstones cartoon.   Continue reading

DOCUMENTARY – Digital Characters with Motion Capture


ENG (Leggi in Italiano)

DOCUMENTARY – Digital Characters with Motion Capture


What is the MoCap? What are markers? How Davy Jones or Smaug are created?

For these and other questions, in this video, we take a look at the technique of Motion Capture (or MoCap ), a method of high interaction between man and technology that allows to capture the movements of people and objects and turn them into digital 3D information.
Here you can find some basic knowledge about this innovative technology! #ThisIsMotionCapture


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ENG (Leggi in Italiano)


One of the funniest moments for an artist of special effects is playing with digital fire, but in order to simulate realistically and showing its intangible nature we must resort to something different from the normal modeling-animation: the 3D particles!

We interviewed an Italian Digital Artist who deals with the simulation of fire and explosions in video products.

We introduce you Valerio Tarricone!


Valerio Tarricone is a FX TD (Technical Director of Effects) at The Moving Picture Company (MPC), a UK post production company with branch offices all around the world, including Montreal.

He holds a Diploma in Sculpture from AD’A Academy of Art and in 2D/3D Animation from Nemo NT Academy of Digital Arts. He holds a BA degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia from LABA Academy of Fine Arts and He also obtained an MA in Digital Effects at Bournemouth University National Centre for Computer Animation.

He was employed as Junior FX Generalist Artist for Rock Paper Film and as Junior FX Artist at the Cross Channel Film Lab. In London, He collaborated as 3D Generalist for Variant Office, Design Studio. Earlier he had completed the FX Intern at The Brewery VFX in London where He worked on the Fluid simulations as Fire, Smoke plus RBD and Cloth dynamics for the ITV serial “The Great Fire”.

Nowadays he is working on the feature film The Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox). In particular he collaborates for implementing fire simulation in the special effects of the character Human Torch for the MPC, one of the worldwide leaders in VFX for over 25 years. MPC is renowned for adding visual wonders and creative expertise to the advertising, film and entertainment industries. Some of their most famous projects include blockbuster movies such as Godzilla, the Harry Potter franchise, X-Men, Prometheus and Life of Pi, famous advertising campaigns for brands such as Samsung, Coca Cola, Sony.

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Documentary – Photorealistic Hairy Creatures and Characters



Previously we focused on the integration of CG generated furry creatures in the real world; now we are going to move from fur to hair, discussing the importance of it, starting from japanese and traditional animation, passing through CG milestones of early 2000 and ending with latest movies like Rapunzel, Brave and Frozen that represented great challanges not only for animators, but even (and maybe primarily) for scientists and engineers.

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