In-depth tutorial – Egg’s vine


In this article we’re going to propose an in-depth tutorial about one of our previous vines.

So, we’ll show how to realize the vine about the trasformation of a little ball into an egg, shown in the main video. The goal is to throw a ping pong ball into a frying pan and when it touches the pan, to turn it into an egg.

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How to – Expressions in motion graphics


For the fourth and last task we decided to create a motion graphics animation examining in depth the world of expressions on After Effects and, at the same time, trying to follow the animation principles. In particular, our goal was to write expressions to create some of the most classic physical motion that we can find among the animations (falling body, impacts, oscillation, projectile motion etc.) in order to get realistic motions.

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HOW TO – Homemade Facial Motion Capture

How To - Homemade Facial MoCap

In this video we are going to show how to create basic home made facial MoCap videos with 3 different softwares/methods, which are:

  • Microsoft KINECT (through FACESHIFT)


A brief introduction to the basic steps, an overview of the result that you can achieve and an analysis of the difference between these softwares.

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This video shows a collection of scenes where 3D models interact with the real world. By using various simple tricks we shooted scenes where objects move on their own, then we added a 3D characters to justify the movement.
While some of these scenes may be done in computer graphics or post-production, shooting them in real allows to obtain a more realistic result, although you have to carefully think on where your 3D model will be. It’s an alternative method that can reach, with some attention, good results.

Photorealistic Hairy Creatures and Characters – Character Development Pipeline


123In this how to we are going to analyze the pipeline of a character creation. Starting from the concept we will show the main steps to achieve a simple 3D animation, passing through modeling, texturing and rigging. In this particular case we didn’t build a concept from scratch, since we were inspired by bam bam, a funny character from the flinstones cartoon.   Continue reading

How To – CG Cut Out technique


The Méliès Heritage

In this video we show you how we implemented the cut out technique using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

The whole work can be split in two main phases: separate all the parts on different layers and a second step in which you animate them using the AE Puppet tool. To increase the depth effect we used the 3D camera chaning the “Depth of field” feature.