Rigging Time – Part III


In this third and last part, we’ll finally present the product of our work: two spots for the “International Dance Day”, event supported by the Unesco that occurs the 29th of April every year.
We are going to explain something about the animation of the various elements in the videos.

First commercial:

Second commercial:

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Rigging time – Part II



In this second part we are dedicated to the study of the characters and the production of the animatic. So, we focused on the study of the movements and expressions to associate to each character, on the music composition, even if temporary, because it will be later replaced by the real one, and on the scenes composition.

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Rigging Time – Part I



Our goal is the production of a series of commercials, two in particular, that promotes the “International Dance Day in the World”. This event is sponsored by the International Dance Council (CID) to celebrate the dance, recognizing its universal character as a form of art, as an educational and recreational means, and as a research topic.

So, in this first part, we are going to analise the different pre-production steps of our project:

  • the concept, that is to say the brief description of what will happen in the spots,
  • the storyboard, directed to develop the narration in a consistent manner deciding the main framings,
  • the character and the environment design, to study how to create the protagonists and settings of the various scenes, from the artistic and technical point of view.

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Interview with Alessio Bertotti – VFX Artist


Showreel of Alessio Bertotti’s best VFX, Compositing, 3D and Motion Graphic works, until Winter 2015:

Alessio Bertotti, VFX Artist and supervisor, has worked in Italy and abroad in different fields: movies, commercials, TV series, music videos and motion graphics.
Since he was young he’s been interested in this industry and in video and photo editing. He’s graduated in Graphic and Virtual Design at the Polytechnic of Turin, and then he has attended two master’s program: one in Computer Graphics in Turin and the other in Professional Compositing at the Escape Studios in London.

Alessio Bertotti

Despite his age, he’s already taken part to the realization of remarkable projects, such as “Captain America: Civil War” (2016), “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015), “The Expendables 3” (2014), “Everest” (2014), the featured RAI film “One thousand and one nights” (2012), the Tv series “Constantine” (2014-2015) and the commercials for “Vision Express” (2014), “Direct Line” (2013), “Mercedes-Benz Assist” (2013).

Having the possibility to interview Alessio Bertotti, we’ve decided to ask him some questions about his experience in this industry, the differences between working for a movie, a tv series or a commercial, and some details of some of the most interesting and remarkable projects he’s worked for.

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