Rigging Time – Part III


In this third and last part, we’ll finally present the product of our work: two spots for the “International Dance Day”, event supported by the Unesco that occurs the 29th of April every year.
We are going to explain something about the animation of the various elements in the videos.

First commercial:

Second commercial:

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Interview with Enrico De Palo – VFX Artist



Enrico De Palo is a visual effect artist, a digital compositor who works in the filmmaking industry and creates visual effects for the cinema. During his career he has worked for about ten years as a compositor, an on set supervisor and sometimes as a vfx supervisor in Italy, where he worked for movies like “Il Mercante di Pietre” and “Lontano dalla Luce”.

Then he had the fortune to divide his time between Berlin and London, in order to achieve some visual effects for many important American blockbusters as “Fast and Furious”, “Kingsman” and “Hercules”.

Moreover, for two years now, Enrico De Paolo has worked as a teacher in the Turin offices of the digital art school Event Horizon, where professionals in the field of digital art and 3D artists are willing to share their knowledge.

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HOW TO – Homemade Facial Motion Capture

How To - Homemade Facial MoCap

In this video we are going to show how to create basic home made facial MoCap videos with 3 different softwares/methods, which are:

  • Microsoft KINECT (through FACESHIFT)


A brief introduction to the basic steps, an overview of the result that you can achieve and an analysis of the difference between these softwares.

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Documentary – Photorealistic Hairy Creatures and Characters



Previously we focused on the integration of CG generated furry creatures in the real world; now we are going to move from fur to hair, discussing the importance of it, starting from japanese and traditional animation, passing through CG milestones of early 2000 and ending with latest movies like Rapunzel, Brave and Frozen that represented great challanges not only for animators, but even (and maybe primarily) for scientists and engineers.

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We have interviewed Laura Fiori, graphic designer and teacher at the “Nation School of Cinema” for what concerning 3D animation and visual effects.  A precursor of the animation in Italy who has faced all the problems and the difficulties  of approaching  this business at that time. RAI associate and graphic advisor for the TV show “L’albero azzurro” , co-founder of “Lanterna Magica”, one of the major european  companies of cartoons production.

Each one of her projects has got an educational background and it hides in itself a deep and philosophical meaning. Our interest in her works has been based on this characteristic of bringing the animation art on an higher level,  moving on just the childish connotation, and we asked her for some useful advices starting a career in this business.

Authors: Matteo Franchini, Marco Bevilacqua, Caterina Rosini, Elisa Vianelli

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