Rigging Time – Part III


In this third and last part, we’ll finally present the product of our work: two spots for the “International Dance Day”, event supported by the Unesco that occurs the 29th of April every year.
We are going to explain something about the animation of the various elements in the videos.

First commercial:

Second commercial:

For the realization of the spot animations we used the Adobe After Effects software and the free plugin Duik.
Duik makes really easier the stage of the characters rigging, because it allows to realize this operation automatically with any type of vertebrate animal.

With the puppets, as well as with the background animals, we only had to place the puppet tool pins corresponding to the articulations and generate the bones with Duik; then we simply chose the kind of animal we wanted to rig (“plantigrade” for the puppets and “ungulate” or “digitgrade” for the animals) and eventually we changed the assignment of the bones to the relative body part, made automatically by the plugin. In this way we obtained the controllers, with different parameters to set, to move quite fluidly our characters.


In this step we also chose the definitive music. For this purpose we got in touch with the Machiavelli Music company which sells music for audiovisual products. We downloaded the majority of the tracks we used in our project from the catalogues they offered us; the rest of the music is royalty free material that we’ve found on the web.

We had faced some difficulties firstly in establishing what piece of the audio tracks to use for every scene, because it had to characterize both the dance and the nation, and later in connecting the different segments so that the transition between them was gradual, although their very tight duration (3 or 4 seconds).


Authors: Valentina Diaferio, Martina Gagino, Rosina Iacovino, Matteo Luison, Elisa Occhipinti.


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