How To: Change a Sword for a Lightsaber (for dummies)


Have you feel the desire of getting closer to the visual effects world? This video has been created thinking about those who have no idea of doing what film makers and VFX create day after day. We want to start sharing the interest in this kind of themes.

This tutorial, made by two students whom “Computer Generated Effects” is not their strongest academic quality are trying to communicate to others (as them) the way in which with practice is possible to have a great result (little by little) and a brief introduction to the the software that will help amateurs to get involved in this world.

So, now we can start our short but useful trip to bringing a Star Wars light saber to a Samurai’s fight scene (from a movie: Sucker Punch). Enjoy it and remember that being dummy is not bad at all, is doing nothing to be better what kill people’s ideas, potential and creativity.

Our best regards for you who wants to learn about visual effects.



Juliana Oñate Berrocal

Maria Camila Botía Bocanegra


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