How To Use Particular and Plexus Plugins



In this tutorial we’re going to see some simple effects with Trapcode Particular, of Red Giant and Plexus of RowByte.

Trapcode Particular

Trapcode Particular is a plugin that allows to create organic 3D particle effects; In the first example I used it for disintegrating my own hand.

Basically the plugin works on a dynamic mask that gradually moves from the left side of the frame to the right one.

There are two ways for doing it, in the first one you’ll need a  green screen in order to take off the background and disintegrate only the hand; in alternative, you can try to illuminate the background in order to keep it flat, without shadows; in this way you will see the particular effect only on the hand.


Plexus is a simple plugin for rendering the particle and create all sorts of interesting relationships between them based on various parameters.

This plugin works with different tracked points of light, creating relationship like lines and shapes between them;

In the first case, I created two groups of point of light, one on the left hand and one on the right, so I linked them in order to simulate a spider’s web.

In the second case, I created and multiplicated one hexagon for creating a dynamic 3D shape, between the character’s hands.

Mind to use a shirt (or a background) in contrast with the color of the lines.

Michele Cattani


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