Gli Erranti – A short movie


Gli Erranti” is an animated short movie made with the purpose of showing how practical effects can replace visual effects but also work in harmony with them.
We tried to find a solution to the problem of digitally animating a floating soul by creating a “real” soul and making it float underwater.
The creation of an environment for the soul is another challenge we took on. Just like for the animation of the soul, we did not have the time and, probably, the skills to create something decent, so we took the practical way. Using water, ink and fluids we tried to create an abstract environment, a proper setting for our character.
We relied on digital techniques as well, such as chroma key and particle effects, and colour correction, they were necessary for removing the soul’s background and creating very specific effects.
In conclusion, we tried to show how it is possible to make an animated movie considering the limits of time, money and skills, hoping to acheive a decent result.

Enrico Greco, Cristian Gurra, Jessica Manetta, Claudia Rolletto.



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