Documentary – Communicating the Film’s Message by Sound Effects and Music


“It is dangerously easy to think of filmaking as a visual medium -Do not! You can almost always tell the difference between an amateur film and a professional one just by closing your eyes and listening to the story.”

Michelle Demers (Story & Heart Blog)


Are you curious of how a sound could generate or not a strong emotional reaction depending of a character’s actions? Do you consider a movie with almost no dialogue capable of send a convincing message to the public? When and when not place the sound effects or the music tracks? Practical and computer generated sounds effects can work in a complementary way in order to enrich a scene’s impact?

For many years, we as spectators have considered the visual component of a film as the unique variable capable of telling us a specific story. That is why in this short documentary it would be possible to consider an almost no dialogue movie, “All is lost” as a valuable approach in order to perceive practical sound effects and background music as indispensable “actors” that help to broadcast an emotional and full of charge message.

Created by:

Plus 2 Studio

Maria Camila Botía Bocanegra – Juliana Oñate Berrocal


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