A World in Miniature


The use of miniatures has fulfilled an extremely important role into the history of cinema and more in general of Motion pictures.

This special effect has permitted the achievement of convincing results from the very beginning, leading to the production of amazing movies.

With the passage of time, and the combination of different techniques, the use of miniatures and scale models reached astounding results and it seems almost impossible that they were made with those methods.

With today’s advancements in movie industry, anything imagined can be created for a film with digital effects, but the use of miniatures still gives the filmmaker an arsenal of tools that keeps sequences and shots convincingly real and engaging.

In this short documentary we will analyze the history of this important effect and we will discover how has been employed in his different versions.




Symbol Machine

Valentina Valle
Enrique Valido Moure
Lorenzo Secchi
Francesco Cretti


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