short film – GEIST



GEIST is the german word for ‘spirit’, one of the keyword used by the german philosopher G. W. Hegel from who we got our inspiration for the film, and the film starts with a paragraph of his book “the phenomenology of spirit”. We made our goal to give form to this piece of pure thought, through images. The main theme which that we had in mind to pursue, was birth of a person, a spirit, that occurs when the person starts to be conscience of its own existence.

During the pre-production, we focused on creating images that could have give us the visual form of various mental phases that a person should go through, face, and pass to evolve into and out of him/herself: and thus was born the metaphor of the old self that gets lost in experiences, and the new self that should be achieved and be passed, to be lived.

The differentiations that we made use of to show this double spirit entity were in some choices that we had to make, like in use of make up, custom design, use of black and white with some touches of red in some parts in color grading.

A very important aspect for us, beyond the images, was to make a soundtrack and audio editing precisely made for the images, which was done after the final edit of the film. Also in this case the music and the sound effects follow some objectives in correlation with the film; the heart beats in the prologue of the film, that come the paragraph of Hegel, and then the tub gives us metaphrically the last heart beats of a chlid in the womb that is  to be born.


In this video we show how to make the special effects used in the short film GEIST. Particularly we’ll talk about how to make the effect of the initial title of the film which consists of explosion smokes and a clip of displacement of letters that come toward the screen emitting from the title; how to make the phantom effect; how to make the (famous) clone effect and finally how to make the freeze effect. We’ve mainly used AE to make these effects, but for the title and freeze effect it’s needed to use Primiere and Photoshop.



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