Documentary – VFX Oscar Winners: Forrest Gump


Welcome everybody!
This time we would like to show you a short documentary video about visual effects which have won the Academy Award®.

Nowadays almost all of us are absolutely used to the presence of variously special effects in films, web videos, TV commercials and so on.
BUT… Over 20 years ago the technology was incomparable to the current, however some of producers were already able to create very realistic visual illusions.
One of the best example is the Oscar winner of 1994 – Forrest Gump, directed by Robert Zemeckis, and exactly this film we have chosen as a reference point of our documentary video.

Which kind of tricks have been used in this film?
How it was possible without the current technology and devices?
Why visual effects used in Forrest Gump were so special and innovative?
And are there any other films that had used the same (or similar) special effects before (and later)?

You can find answers for all these questions in the video!

author: The Multitasker


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