In-depth tutorial – Egg’s vine


In this article we’re going to propose an in-depth tutorial about one of our previous vines.

So, we’ll show how to realize the vine about the trasformation of a little ball into an egg, shown in the main video. The goal is to throw a ping pong ball into a frying pan and when it touches the pan, to turn it into an egg.

Beyond the general tricks used for all the others vines, described item by item in the article combined with this video (camera exposition, white balance, focusing etc..), it is necessary to take one shoot of the action up to the linking point and to move on with a second take of the action. The actor had to try many times the throw of the ping pong ball in order to hit the pan because it is not a trivial action as it seems. Once shooted the good take of the throw, making sure that the actor stays still in the same position of the throw, one of our team attended to light the fire, remove the little ball and replace it with a real egg, opening it from the top and letting it falling down into the pan. During the post-production step we used the first take as main clip, then, in the moment in which the ping pong ball hit the pan, we created a mask over the pan on which we placed the second clip. In order to make the vine more realistic we added a wiggle effect as explained in the previous video.

Chroma Chi? Alessandra Caretto, Nicola Falomi, Enrica Maggiora, Francesca Milani, Federico Montemurro.


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