Hello everyone and welcome to the video tutorial  “I eat an Apple¨

We are I BELLI DENTRO and this tutorial will show you how to create a special effect by combining two popular softwares, Blender and After Effects.

  1. To start Open Blender and set up the file, then Import a sequence through the clip editor

Start to draw the points that will be used to recreate the movements of the camera.

  1. Once finished the operation, set the parameters of the camera used and then click on ¨Camera Solver¨. Then click on the three points that we want to represent the coordinates of the plane that shows the surface of the iPad, next click on “floor”.
  1. Go to the 3d view, click on the camera, then on the “constraint” and choose “camera solver”, and the camera will move through the three points traced in our video. Now set the background that will be seen on the camera view by selecting the clip.
  1. Import the objects that will create the animation. A plane will be helpful as a reference point for the volumes and areas that will be animated.
  1. Using the opacity control of the background will be easier to control and modify the positions of the objects.
  1. Assign materials to the objects and change light settings, so the result is consistent with the actual images.
  1. Insert a surface that fits perfectly with the table plane, which will receive the shadows and reflections of the animated objects. Add a volume that fits the fruit basket so it also can receive the shadows.
  1. Render each level separately, one will contain the hand and the apple with the shadows, the other the reflections.
  1. Also insert an object that recreates the impression of depth through the vertical walls.
  1. Remember to render only after selecting a transparent background, to allow the alpha channel overlapping the levels
  1. After checking the frame rate of the reference video, assign the same value in Blender before exporting.
  1. Open After Effects, set the framerate to 30 and select the sequence to import.
  1. Using the Keylight tool, delete the white video level reflections and change the color parameter in order to obtain real-like reflections on the table.
  1. Use the Keylight effect to remove the green color from the tablet. Then insert the hole level and adjust the gradient so the light turns darker as it goes down.

Once editing is complete, export the composition as a video.


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