Step 1
In After Effects, create a new composition with the original video and start motion trackinghis face in Mocha AE going at the end of the timeline and creating the tracking area of the right cheek with the Bezier spline tool. Afterthat, click on Track Backwards and see that there is a really good track of his face moving the timeline bar back and forward.
Go to the last frame, select Align selected surface. Now choose Export tracking data, selecting After Effects Corner Pin (corner pin only)from the dropdown menu and click on copy to clipboard.

Go back to After Effects and create a new solid calling it “Tracking_data”. Go to the first frame and choose Edit > Paste. Now we have a plane on his face.
To build the illumination map create a new solid and add the effects Fractal Noise to it. InFractal Type select parameters as you see in the screenshot below. Select the Fractal noise level, hide it, go to the last frame and with the pen tool create a shape of his face.

solo maschereStep 3
Find some vein textures and upload them in AE.Drop the images on the face and multiply them.After positioning them create another veins network, but in the layer below the first one.
Add a FastBlur effect and increase the blurriness value to create a depth effect.
Select all the veins and create a new precomposition called “Veins network”.

Open the precomposition, crate a new white solid and move it to the bottom. Back to initial composition, select the noise level and on thetrack matte panel select Luma matte.

maschere+veneSTEP 5
Now create a precomposition selecting the veins newtwork and the Fractal noise calling it “illumination”.
Inside that create a new solid black. In the mode panel of the illumination panel select Color Dodge.
Now select Effect > Color correction > Curves modify the values for the green and blu color.Click on the Tracking_Data and select al the corner pin, copy them and past them to the Illumination level.

maschere+metodi di fusioneSTEP 6
Open the Illumination level, select the noise effect, and change the evolution parameter to give the effect of the pulsation of the veins as you can see in the screenshot below.



Step 1
In After Effects, create a new composition with the original video.
Choose Track Camera features to create a 3D Camera Tracker.
Then choose three points to obtain the position and the orientation of the cursor in a 3D space, then right click and select “Create Null and Camera”.

Step 2
To build the illumination map create a new solid and add the effects Fractal Noise to it.
In “Fractal Type” change from base type to “Terreno”,then change the evolution parameter to create an animated texture.

Step 3
Create a new solid ,and add the effect ElementThen click on the Scene Setup
from the effect controls panel to switch on Element 3d. Import the model divided by materials group and add textures from images and differents maps (animated fractal noise) created before.

Step 4
Click “Ok” on the right side of the windows, and return on AE.
In the Element 3d panel, selecting group 1 , is possible to create a new ‘null group’, copy and paste position and orientation of the ‘null tracker’ created before in the ‘null group’,Change the size of the object from effect controls panel > Particle Look.
Is possible to allign perfectly the object to the scene changing the object parameters (position/orientation).

Step 5
Now you have the 3d imported model, locked at the ‘null group’ in the scene.
Is possible to link other levels with the animated fractal noise to the ‘null group’, to create a glowing animated area around the character.
With curves, color correction and glow is possible to amplify the electricity and glowing effect of the different layers.
Changing the blending mode from ‘normal’ to ‘add’ implement the white curve of the selected layer.

Authors/Autori: Michele Cannata, Claudia Bertone, Nicola Farinacci, Filippo Pramaggiore


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