HOW TO: Bloody Wound


In the film industry we can find a vast genre offert, nevertheless, blood and wounds are recurrent special effects that can be found in any of them. These effects can be done by makeup and disguise and recently by digital ways, however today we’ll  talk about the makeup world and explain how can you achieve a credible bloody wound from home with non-expensive and easy to find materials.

We will need:

-Transparent nail polish

– Modelling Wax (orthodonic wax)

– Metalic spatula

– Skin tone make-up

– Liquid foundation

– Smoke brush

– Red and brown lipstick

– Hair gel

– Cotton

First you have to apply nail polish over your finger where you’ll place the wound. Once it goes tacky, apply a small ball of modeling wax on top of your knuckle. Gently press down and spread out the modeling wax with your fingertips using your fingers to smooth out the joint. The modelling wax is a rigid material and it works better if applied in hard parts of the body like bone or strong muscle, if not it can come off easier.

After that, apply skin tone make up all over your finger. Then use liquid foundation that matches with your skin tone all over it. Carefully touch the foundation with your fingers to give a “skin like appearance”.

Using a metal spatula carefully cut the wax where the center of your knuckle is. Bend your finger slightly and cut the modeling wax down the way your finger. Make the final touches to your wax so it seems to be part of the finger before the next step.

Now, you must begin with the makeup. Apply the lipstick, the red one goes in the exterior part of the wound and the dark one in the interior. Apply some extra lipstick in randomly parts of your finger. When the makeup satisfies you, apply blood gel inside the wound and in different parts of your finger, over the previously done make up. We did our blood gel by heating up some hair gel and mixing it with a bit of both lipsticks.

Use cotton and apply some lipstick randomly around your finger.

The same technique can be used to do wound all over your body.

BY: I Belli Dentro


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