Michele Guaschino interview


I started in the late ’80s when this knowledge was not there, if you spoke of special effects make-up, you looked like you were talking about something absolutely fantastic, or something that was not even considered as a work or what kind of activity was. there were no schools then studied by mymself with the idea then one day I would have moved to the United States, and live there them. I’m a special effects makeup a and animatronics reproduction of the human body implants,for the transformation of the actors and then mechanization helps to create a movement when making a character that can not be moved by an actor We can go for 4-5 days of work for a nose earS OR something quick to make, or up to two months. The work begins with the capture of the cast live, actor who naturally must be provided patient, after which serves a reproduction of the actor’s face,it starts the step of modeling, of course the most artistic phase, after which it returns to other technical phases which are those of; molding after the realization of the mold and then we will have copies of these prostheses and of course will be done a test application on the actor with all parts, hair, eyes and every part. today for a certain part of tricks latex has been supplanted by silicon.The first step is that the cast live, then modeling. The modeling is divided into parts and are made of Plaster partial this example is divided into 10 different parts and each part has a mold composed of a negative and then within each mold is cast material which has a curing time and then is removed from the mold decorated and applied on the face of the actorEnforcement is another thing rather long because it can sometimes reach the 3-4 hours for example the silver mask on the wall is a plastic thermo formed the head of a woman with blonde hair and silicone resin and the next one Another silicone latex and then again depends on use.





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