Life after Pi – DOC

We decided to analyze the film: "The life of pi" producted in 2013 by Rhythm 'N Hues Studios won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, as it is one of the best totaly blue screen in recent years.
To achieve it required a swimming pool and the main character, everything from sea animals that inhabit the boat during development of the plot, were made in 3D.
The thing that struck us most and that has incited in the choice of this film was the veracity of all the sets and characters (even we had not noticed that the tiger was not real!).
But we go into more detail: to realize the ocean, you used a pool that recreated the waves, but these had a disorderly developments in the storm, and they have had to take a few precautions to prevent the effect proves real.
was also made a study on the performance of waves to create a horizon that had no end, recorded in fact the trend of a wave and it han played his perpetual motion.
As for the setting, we used a single tree and from it were reproduced and multiplied the parties that made it up.
Thanks to HDRI was possible to resume the skies from different parts of the planet, then these were assembled and edited to recreate as closely as possible the atmosphere that characterized the mood of the film and the main character, which we found to be deeply connected with the 'weather pattern throughout history.
The tiger, Richard Parker, was a masterpiece of 3D compositing, as there was a long study of real tigers and movements arising from it are faithful even in the 3D model.

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