The typefaces from book to monitor


Type is the power to express words and ideas, it’s timeless but it’s always changing.
So we analized the evolution of the typeface, from Joannes Gutenberg (the creator of typography) to today. Before J. Gutenberg, the books need to be written by monaci, so too expensive. Gutenberg create the first ever typeface, the Black letter. In 15th century change the point of view and the typeface began to be more legible and clear. Until today that the typeface is san-serif, like Helvetica, Gotham, Titillium, and so on.
The world of typography changed for ever with the introduction of the computer, and initially there were a few of difficult for the limit of the pixel in the monitor. But then tecnology evolved and computers began to allowed to the creation of thousands of beautiful typefaces.
Now anyone has the freedom to create their own unique typeface and shared it. The typeface became open source.

With this short animation we represent the difference of the typeface through the years.


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