Apparati Effimeri is a visual design group that produces three-dimensional visual content, highly persuasive, suitable for every kind of unconventional communication. With continual experimentation of new digital languages responds to the growing demand for advanced creativity from the market and meets the needs of the client’s visibility and promotion through artistic experimentation and technological innovation. Apparati Effimeri experiences the chance to create new links between the history of vision and the techniques and approaches of contemporary visual art. The project was born in Bologna in 2008 in order to actualize the idea five 17th-party apparatus. In the wake of this tradition Apparati Effimeri noninvasively intervenes giving life to pre-existing forms: the architectures become so active screens for video projections that the subjects of the same. The purpose of the collective is to change the perception of space. This peculiar intervention methodology allows a large field of experimentation. 

Where does the creative process begins and how does it develops? How do you integrate architecture and virtual design?

Apparati Effimeri has a double nature, it works either in the advertising field as in the artistic and cultural field. In the artistic field, we feel more free, but what brings the two approaches together is the method that we use: Visual contents born from the study of the surface that wants to be encouraged. Using 3d modeling software is achieved to record the architectonic members (architectural member), reconstructs the architecture and apply special effects.

How does the video mapping works and which instruments are employed?

There are employed different programs such as photoshop, CAD, cinema 4d, after effects and others.

Based in what criteria do you choose the sound, colors, and movements of your projections?

Every architecture and object has a story, their shape and placement in the space. According to what was mentioned, this suggests us and encourages us to create audio and visual contents. 

Can you project the same videos in different surfaces and spaces, or there must be a different development for each project?

Each installation is specific for each location. It follows the perspective and history of the chosen surface. Therefore, it is hard to tell, because until now we have not done anything.

Which is the average time you spend developing a project and how many people work on it?

It depends on the size of the architecture and the type of clients. As an average, approximately in one month we will have people working in groups of four. For a mapping show we would like to have different types of professionals, some in charge of the technique, others in the part of productions and others in the concept.

Does the existing scenario has to be modified in order to adapt it to each project?

Mainly, the project is the one that has to get familiar and get adapted to the scenario. 

Is the creative process different for internal projects and for external projects?

Each creative project changes depending on the space, shape or history. Normally, an intern space requires a less complex technique, since it is easier to achieve darkness and the walls are smaller and softer comparing to the facade of a building.

Which instruments (analogical of digital) are used in your job?  

Measurement tools are used, sometimes the architectural reconstruction is made of models with plexiglass, plasterboard etc. and various software and hardware.

Which are the programs used to create special effects? Do you use various and integrate them?

Cinema 4D and After Effects in recent versions have reached the maximum integration, there are also excellent tools for creating special effects. For diffusion, we use pandora’s box for its high reliability. 

In the video Parhelic Dunhill , how do you manage to project two angled facades while maintaining the proportions and the continuity of the animations? Do you use more than one projector? What type of projector do you use?

Parhelic is a project based on a a contour parasonic n.415.000 managed by a site service.

If one of the tools stop working during the projection, are there any other that could substitute them? 

During the most important productions, from the point of view of the performance and the  technical weaknesses, we always have a technical backup.

Does the rain and other atmospheric phenomenons interfere with the projection? 

More than the rain, the one who interfere the most is the fog, which lowers drastically the power of the light over the projection surface. Rain could be an obstacle especially for the vision.

Which is most difficult project that you have faced?

Every project has it’s own difficulty, and it’s our own experience which allow us to make easier even the most difficult ones. In general, our most complex work from the technical managing and the integration with the scenography, has been  “l’Orfeo ed Euridice di Romeo Castellucci”. 

If the goal is to project over a tree, which would be the possible problems? 

The problem when projecting over vegetable elements are related to the many-sided nature of plants, for example, a stem of grass video projected is visible from one point of view which is that of the light source, but not from the other side. Then, surfaces like grass and leaves would be seen completely different depending on the position of the viewer. This is just one aspect to be calculated in addition to the differences in colors, the collimation of various projectors, wind movements, the differences between the seasons, etc.

If the goal is to project over a person’s dress, and this person in moving in a scenario, which would be the possible problems? 

With the right technology there wouldn’t be problems. However, it depends in the content of the projection.

Why do you use Pandora unseated other tools like Millumin? 

Because the broadcast world creates standards and it’s easier to find a professional that uses Pandora, no matter in what part of the world are you searching, even doing a simple research in the “Coolux” site. Instead, if we search for one who uses Millumin, we won’t have any guarantee of finding him. Within the years we have use any software and we continuously experiment in behalf of the project in which we are called to work in. We use pandora when needed. Apart from that, it’s possible to create video projected images with any method, in fact, there can be done excellent works using only a magnetic board and a pencil.

Interview translated from Italian by “I Belli Dentro” 

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