Freak show _ 8 mm


The artistic career of Cristina Accettulli, aka Crisiplastica, creative and craft, springs from an innate passion for everything related to the surreal, the grotesque, the disguise so the transformation.

His career originated after earning a certificate as Technical Construction of stage sets and film at the Technical Schools San Carlo in Turin, then knowing and working for many years together with the ‘Special Effects Supervisor Michael Guaschino.

With him he learned the techniques of materials processing and creates hyperrealistic sculptures, molds, plastic articles, masks and mock ups that are used in the fields of cinema, theater and contemporary art and participates in the implementation of numerous works of art by artists internationally renowned.

Experience so the processing of plaster, latex, resins, polyurethane foams, waxes, silicone rubber and paper and specializes in coloring techniques, treatment seam lines, entries hairpieces needle, application of prosthetics, running or silicone resin molds useful to the reproduction of objects, and finishing.

He extends his skills working for directors, actors, prototype designers, video makers, photographers and others.

Currently in his lab in Turin he creates works on commission and special effects and is available to collaborate on projects and artistic works which express his creativity through its expertise.

The art workshop Wunderkammer is a creative space where mix fantasies, illusions, special effects, and other strange monstrosity .


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