The little prince – Il piccolo principe with useful tools


Hello again,

The last post we talked a little about the motion graphics and the common and most used tools in after-effects, now we’ll show you some tricky tools like the particles, the puppet pin tool, the stroke tool and a full use of the layers creating so, the chapter XX of ‘the little prince’ in Italian language ‘Il piccolo Principe’.

First of all we planned how we would like to tell the story, how was the look we wanted to achieve and then we search some reference images and we created ours too.


Once we knew what we wanted to include in the final video, we looked for the right images and then we changed the look according to our vision.


Since we wanted to animate the little prince, we created the character head apart from the body and from the scarf.

And each rose was also created separately to have the best possible control of the animation


It was very important to record the voice previously of the animation; it gives you the right timing the animation had to last and look for an accurate song that fits into the story mood was very important too.


To start animating we put every single image in a different layer, made the layers 3D and moved them to the appropriate position. We left in the Background a blue sky and a green grass.
Then we worked with the camera and layers movement, to make the viewer feel how much the little prince had traveled so far.

The next step was to add realism to the planes, to actually feel that you are moving we add a blur to the images as they were moving forward and changed the opacity values to make the planes appear and disappear.

To make snow, we used particles. To animate the roses and the little prince we used the Puppet Pin tool. And even the eyebrow was in a different layer, which also helped us to use a mask and we corrected a little bit the shape.

We also used Color correction to make the change of the color of the little’s prince rose, to make her look like she was dying.

And for the title and the credits we used a simple stroke effect.

Laura & Jose (Evolution Group)


Last video:


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