Disney through the years!


As we all know, Disney is an inspiration of magic and fantasy. Disney’s logo and intro in their movies is one of the best representation of it, and almost since the beginning they have tried to create some special effects around this magnificent concept….

The first appearance of Disney’s (Cinderella’s) castle was nearly 1988 when the text and castle where tinted in a light blue and a simple effect around the castle called our attention as children. Years later around 90’s they defined the ‘Blue Carolina’ as their color in the letters and a darker blue background. This background in the late 90’s and starting with ‘Fantasy 2000’ was changer in a dynamic intro of the movie. until 2011 when they made us enter into the fascinating London’s background with incredible fireworks, magic sparkles and the amazing 3D.

Today we’ll show you a quick compilation throughout the years and the magic involved in ‘Walt Disney Pictures animation’ movies. At the end we’ll tell you what would be needed to recreate today’s Disney Intro in a simple way. Spite of it was done with more complex softwares of 3D (probably 3D Max or Maya) where the castle animation was directly made in the rendering process and after some effects in the font where added in a more complex version of after effects like ‘Flame’.

Ok, I leave you now with the video we prepared for you… ’till the next post BYE!

Laura & Jose (Evolution Group)

Last video:


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