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Last post we saw an incredible way to tell a story and now we want to use all the tools we have learned put in one trendy and advanced tool made by the media & communication, which helps to tell more abstract and conceptual stories or simply for fun and incredible moments of joy to impress your friends or general public: THE VIDEO MAPPING!

The first thing to have on mind was where to map out; we built a structure and we took a picture to have it as reference. It is more interesting to map out a video in a tridimensional structure rather than in a flat wall.


Then we created the structure using a 3D program; we moved the camera to get a render as close as the picture of the original structure.


The next step was to add movement and color to the structure and then create the render obtaining the first video to map out on the structure.


Once we had the structure in the 3D software, we made the render of the wireframe; this was really useful to get animations in a 2D software.


To make a different animation first we made a simple animation of bars moving, and then we used an image of the 3D render.


We duplicated the small video to cover all the sides of the structure, we moved them in the 3 axes, change the direction of the animation and also created adjustment layers to make the animation more realistic, simulating shadow. At the end we rendered the video without the reference image.

6 7

We also made an animation with particles in a 3D software.


Finally, all we had to do was inserting the videos in special software like MILLUMIN to map out the videos we have previously created.



I Hope you have enjoyed …


Jose & Laura (Evolution Group)


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