Ecodesign – Product Design with 3D Computer Graphic – Moka compositing and interview with CG artist Alan Zirpoli


For the third video our Ecodesign group decided to focus on product design (moka)  with 3D tools, animations, compositing an interview with a Cg artist focused on product and architectural renderings.

Link to the video:




We first took the blend file of the moka animation and we assigned new materials to all the scene’s objects in order to get the effect of wireframe and clay renderings. Then we animate all again to get the render passes visible in different layers. All the animations were rendered with Cycles render engine to get the best result in terms of lightning and materials. Secondly we rendered another animation with materials and lights from Blender (textured video version) and then after that we passed this animation into after effects to get some color correction and some glow effects. The easiest way to do this is combine after effects with magic bullet looks that is a  really powerful program about compositing and finishing touches. In this program we worked on color grading, vignette effect, glow effect on the window lights and glow effect to the shiny materials.

For the second part of the video we decided to interview a great cg artist, Alan Zirpoli, that worked with 3d softwares from a long time. We asked him some questions about programs used,  cg common techniques, general workflow in an architectural or a design studio and some opinions about the open source and his development through the most used open source software of the moment: Blender 3D. After this interview we decided to present all greatest renders of Alan to show the importance of every single detail when a freelance artist is choosen to do a work with a studio.

Finally we put all the compositions (rendered animation, interview and Alan’s renders) into after effects and  we animate all graphics and images to get the best result possible.

Link to the interview:

interview with Alan Zirpoli


Dario Laurita, Davide Petrarchin, Lorenzo Battaglia, Sima Shirangi





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