The Special Effects in the Product Design


Our Ecodesign group decide to choose the product design theme and the steps to achieve a good result with product presentation and promotion.

link to the video:


The first video is a visualization that helps to know about what product design is and what are the phases to get from an idea to a concept and to a product. We have identified two fundamental components about product design that are the project and the promotion. First we focused on the project and about metaproject and project phases of design process, then we analyzed the second part about promotion of a product and in particular about strategic marketing, communication and sale. After that we finally could be able to visualize the practical tools that designers have to compare with (softwares and enables special). This list of softwares is only about “2D” because the other themes (3D and compositing) will be analyzed on the next two videos.


We analyzed the theme with the motion graphics. All texts were made in After Effects and all the icons were made in Adobe Illustrator with separate layers so we could be able to animate every single layer.There were used a lot of AE effects like Trapcode particular, stroke and masks animations, explosions, interactiong objects, loop expressions and bouncing effects. We created in after effects some pre-composition layers that we mixed together with other layers in the final composion. Then we put the audio directly on AE and we exported that to mount the final shots in Adobe Premiere to fade the audio track at the end of the video.


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